The Wasley Institute is a collective group of counsellors/psychotherapists who are professionally trained and qualified with long experience and maturity in the field of emotional and relationship health. Their professional association with each other began in 1976. They maintain colleageal association, a shared philosophy and code of ethics in providing counselling and psychotherapy services.

Counsellors share a belief in the creativity of the human person and in the human capacity for learning and seeking fresh solutions to life’s dilemmas. In becoming conscious of one’s habitual patterns in organizing experience and in appreciating the original creativity of old solutions it is possible to discover new ways of being and doing. Sometimes it is the deep acceptance of self and life circumstances that enables a new way to relate and find satisfaction. It is in forming a therapeutic relationship over time in a safe, confidential space that allows feeling, exploring, reflecting and understanding that leads to transformation in everyday life.

Where to find us

Address: 544 William Street, Mount Lawley - to view a map, click here.


We are on the corner of William Street and Chelmsford Road, one block north of Vincent Street.

The Wasley Institute rooms are located in the older building closest to William Street. The waiting area inside the main door is where your counsellor will find you.


There are some parking bays available in front of the building which are shared with other tenants in the complex. There is plenty of open parking in Chelmsford Road. William Street, east side, has open parking from 9.00 am onwards. (7.00 am – 9.00 am it is a no parking clearway).


To make an appointment contact the counsellor directly.


Our counsellors have worked together for many years. They are fully trained, qualified and highly experienced counsellors from differing health professions and pastoral care backgrounds. Each has specialist training in counselling and psychotherapy in addition to their original professional training. You are invited to read their profiles for background information about each practitioner.

Concerns people seek assistance with:

When it is time to understand and change depression, anxiety, panic, anger and irritability, addictive habits and worry patterns, self destructive habits; when interpersonal relationships at home or work are stale, conflicted, destructive or in crisis; times of major life change or crisis in life circumstances; when grief is overwhelming; times of loss, disturbance and pain; When traumatic experiences continue to disturb and limit how one wants to be; when there is loneliness and isolation; when one does not have family or friends to process life with or when it would be good to step back and review with someone who is not in one’s close social circle.

Some people find regular ongoing psychotherapy a rich source of renewal in reflecting with another on the unfolding drama of their lives and the roles they play in it. New awareness emerges and capacities grow that enable one to weather and even thrive in the viscissitudes of life. Others find the occasional return for a series of sessions to an established psychotherapeutic relationship at times of transition beneficial to their resilience and renewed vigour for life.

Wayne Poulsen

0410 900 234
Maria Rymarski

0408 123 876

Code of Ethics

Wasley consultants conduct their practice according to the code of ethics of their particular professional association. As well, they uphold the ethical principles for professional conduct in The code of ethics of the Psychotherapists And Counsellors Association of Western Australia. See www.pacawa.asn.au